segunda-feira, março 10, 2003

10/10 : HEY CHICCO
MUY BUENO!!!! esta en un GROOVE irresistible!!!! oh yeah, the voices are awesome, especially the second one that sings some lines.... is that Brazilian PRotuguese???? I want to go there.... sounds almost african to my ears like ANgelique Kidjo or someone......This song reminds me of JUNGLE JAZZ... and makes me feel happy.... So glad to discover you!!! great bass too by the way... I saw Chic Correa play in Valencia Spain about ten years ago.... amazing... I also saw Milton Nasciemento and Pat Metheny together in Valencia... thank oyou for this tune... it has made my morning! great guitar solo and I like the rhythm guitar even better!
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
3.8.2003 : 10:04pm

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